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Why Isn’t This Week My Period?

Key Causes of Not Having Your Period This Week:

  1. Your Pregnancy Test Was Negative & You Were Just Concerned About False Pregnancy Signs. (keyword: pregnancy test negative, concern about false pregnancy signs
  2. You Had a Late Period or No Period At All. You Had a Past Early Menstrual Cycle On the Same Day That the Swings in Temperature happened and are Appearing to be Getting Worse Now. keywords: early menstrual cycle
  3. You Had a Past Early Menstrual Cycle on the Same Day That Your Period was Over and You Missed Stripping the Inner Layer of Cells Off
  4. You’re on new birth control: Breakthrough bleeding can happen during any cycle, but it can be especially common right before a period when your estrogen levels are high. This is called spotting, and it’s more likely to happen if you got a new type of BC.
  5. You have a hormone imbalance: Estrogen changes can happen due to new birth control, not being able to conceive unintentionally, menopause, or some other event.
  6. You’re under the weather: You need to determine what can throw your menstrual cycle out of whack and what causes irregular bleeding, including spotting. If you’re feeling weak and achy and finding it difficult to recover from exercise, remember: your immune system prioritizes where it needs to direct more of its energy for your body’s well-being. If your spotting is accompanied by pain, fever, or a foul vaginal odor, you should see your doctor make sure it’s not an STD diagnosis. It could also be a diagnosis of PID.
  7. You just had sex: There is no way to know if sex during a woman’s period makes her more vulnerable, but that idea in and of itself is completely misleading. This doesn’t have anything to do with your period. The risk of getting pregnant during a woman’s period is higher than during any other time of the month. This is because her cervix will be closed at any other point in her cycle, and if vaginal fluids are adequately covered, there will not be as much of a chance for sperm to enter it and fertilize an egg.


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