How to Lunge, Quad Stretch

Those trying to build their core strength can do so by incorporating the technique of a lunge quad stretch. This is an easy exercise that anyone can perform, regardless of age or fitness level.

How to Distract Yourself to Avoid Anxiety

Whether you have a lot of work to do or want to relax, there are a few ways to distract yourself to avoid anxiety. You can try breathing, reading, writing, listening to music, or using a relaxation or meditation app.

How Much Weight Do I Have to Lose to Be Healthy?

Weight loss is a goal that many people strive to reach. The most basic way to lose weight is by reducing your calories. However, your calorie needs to depend on many factors. These factors may vary from person to person.

The Best Time to Eat in the Day to Lose Weight

There are a few critical times of the day to eat to lose weight. According to health expert Dr. Michael Mosley, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner like a king burns more calories and helps keep blood sugar and cholesterol in check.

What You Need to Know About Freezing Your Eggs

If you are planning on freezing your eggs, there are several things you should know before you do so. These include the Procedure, the cost, possible side effects, and whether or not infertility insurance will cover this cost. Here is a quick overview. To decide whether to freeze your eggs, you should talk to a doctor specialising in the Procedure.

Why Am I So Tired and How Do I Beat Fatigue?

If you’re often tired and unable to get to sleep, you may need to see a doctor. The doctor can help you determine the underlying cause of your fatigue and prescribe the proper treatment.

3 Methods to Treat Depression and Anxiety

If you are feeling depressed, there are many ways to treat it. There are medications and alternative medicine. It is essential to know which one is right for you. You may want to try both for the best results. But before you make any decisions, you need to understand your condition.

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Many people who suffer from anxiety report physical symptoms, including muscle tension and pain. These can include muscle tension in the back, neck, shoulders, and jaw. Some people even experience headaches due to muscle tension.

5 Warning Signs of Stroke

Some common warning signs of stroke include facial drooping and difficulty speaking or balancing. Other symptoms can include the loss of balance or loss of vision. Fortunately, you can act to reduce your risk of stroke. By managing high blood pressure, you can minimize your chance of having a stroke. Lifestyle changes and medications can help you control your blood pressure.

Could Your Guy have Prostatitis?

If your guy seems sluggish urethra, he may have bacterial Prostatitis. This condition causes painful urination and can lead to low back pain. Other symptoms include sudden urges to urinate and heaviness behind the scrotum. Some men also experience blood in their semen.